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What is Hot Ashi?

Using heated organic flax pillows in a massage is an effective way to relieve both chronic and new pain and aches as well as promote relaxation.

Using my  feet in conjunction with heated Mother Earth Pillows produces remarkable results, both in relaxation and in stress / pain reduction.

It’s perfect for those who love heat and especially for those clients who tend to get chilled. 

Its use is non-invasive and non-addictive.

“Everyone should understand heating the same way everyone knows how to put on a bandaid: it is an inexpensive, drugless way of taking the edge off an amazing array of common painful problems, especially neck and back pain, and maybe more.”

Optimized Process

Using heat is specifically beneficial for 3 different types of pain:

  1. Acute soreness from over-exertion, ie. weekend warriors or athletes!

  2. Pain &  stiffness caused by osteoarthritis, knots, muscle cramping (including menstrual), &  postural strain.

  3. “All over” soreness  after a bout with illness or inactivity, sleep deprivation &  Vitamin D deficiency.

Heat can
Heat can

❀ Promote healing by stimulating the body’s natural metabolic rate

❀ Increase range of motion

❀ Decrease muscle spasm

❀ Relieve soreness

❀ Relax tense muscles

❀ Reduce stiffness

❀ Alleviate anxiety

❀ Reduce pain via sedation 

Optimized Process

Imagine the tension in your shoulders melting away with the use of heated deep tissue massage. Or maybe it's your hips from sitting too much. 

Hot ashi is stress reduction and pain relief in a healthful way, requiring no medication.

Let's do it
Let's do it

Hot ashi can be a treatment by itself through clothing or incorporated into any massage.

    Learn barefoot massage in our massage CE classes. Deep tissue ashiatsu barefoot massage training.


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