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Check out the 70+ 5 star reviews that say Affinity Massage is the
Best Deep Tissue Massage in Cincinnati!


All massages are by 

Appointment times
❀ Mon,Weds: 9:30 - 7 
❀ Tuesday: 12 - 7 
❀ Thursday : closed
❀ Friday: 11- 6 
❀ Saturday: 8-3
❀ Sunday: closed

Located in Mt. Healthy
7813 Affinity Place, Cincinnati, OH 45231. 513-238-0970.


Effective 1/1/20

$65 per 30 minutes 

$95 per 60 minutes 

$110 per 75 minutes 

$130 per 90 minutes

$165 per 120 minutes

Cincinnati Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Affinity: a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea...

At Affinity Massage Studio you can discover the art of effective,
comfortable deep tissue massage.

What are your massage therapy needs?
Descriptions of all my best Cincinnati massage is below. 

How to request a barefoot (or other!) massage online:

1. Click HERE
2. Choose a service you'd like
3. Select the session length
4. Pick a date (available days are shown in white)
5. Click on a time (available times are shown in white)

You'll be able to request your barefoot, bamboo, or other massage appointment.
Once your appointment is confirmed, you'll get an email. You can sign up for text reminders too.
You'll get a reminder the day prior to the massage.

Call / text if you're not sure that you've booked your massage appointment (let me know who you are!) It's 513-238-0970.

Please note: I do NOT make appointments by text.

Mary-Claire Fredette

ps. You need to wait a minimum of 24 hours after receiving a Botox injection and 5 days after receiving a "filler" injection before receiving a massage of any kind.

Please cancel 24 hours in advance. No call / no shows will be billed 100% of service price. Gift certificates will be considered redeemed.

Why is massage expensive?

Why is massage so expensive?

If you're not self employed, it's hard to understand why someone can appear to earn such a high hourly rate. Here are some reasons for the price for many massage therapists:

  • If we don't work, we don't get paid. There's no such thing as a paid vacation, sick day or holiday.
  • Being self employed, there are no 401K plans, dental, vision or health insurance included.
  • Rent, utilities, phone, website, internet access, online booking, gift certificates, business cards and brochures are regular expenses that come out of our wages.
  • Any responsible LMT will have liability insurance, which costs several hundred dollars per year.
  • Continuing education is required--many professional memberships or licensing boards require 48 hours every 4 years, most of which is very pricey. (Not to mention that we often have travel expenses included).
  • Licensing fees are paid to licensing boards, typically every 2 years.
  • Any advertising done is paid out of pocket by the massage therapist.

One would hope that experience and training would figure into the rate-setting process, but in my experience it is more market forces that drive pricing. One would expect that a newly licensed massage therapist should charge less than one who has had years of experience and many additional hours of continuing education. However, consumers get it in their head that a massage costs $XX in their town, and so anyone, regardless of their ability, training, and experience can charge that much.

I have been a massage therapist since January 15, 1999, have had many hours of continuing education and thousands of hours with clients. Untold number of hours have been spent training to become an authorized instructor for Ashiatsu and Bamboo-fusion. If you are in pain and are in dire need of a therapeutic massage but cannot afford it, please consider asking about a sliding scale

    Learn barefoot massage in our massage CE classes. Deep tissue ashiatsu barefoot massage training.


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